Problem solver with a positive attitude; Adept at providing project oversight and communications between all stakeholders; Possess strong organizational and leadership skills; Able to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure; Extensive knowledge of creating video and media projects for corporate clients; Ensure projects are on budget and meet all deadlines; Develop process improvements; Comprehensive knowledge of the operating systems of digital photography & workflow

I enjoy the challenges that come with managing multiple projects, working with creative teams, assigning resources, managing budgets, creating timelines, vendor relationships and implementing process & procedures. I have managed  Architect to Photographer Studios with staffs of 3 to 35 people, and manage Payroll, Taxes, Billing (AR/AP).

I have worked as a Marketing Project/Traffic Manager, Producer and Print Buyer for the past 15+ years. I have worked with various size creative departments, assigning resources, purchasing print, trafficking direct mail materials, managing vendor relationships, budgeting and process implementation.

In my capacity as a Creative Services Project/Traffic Manager, my responsibilities included, project oversight, communication between marketing teams, clients, stakeholders and vendors, ensuring that necessary materials are on message, on budget, and on time.

As Studio Manager and Producer I have worked in many commercial photographic studios in the Los Angeles area. I have produced and coordinated large commercial and celebrity shoots. I have developed and implemented job trafficking systems based on photographers needs, set up image management & tracking systems and built database systems for estimating and invoicing. My clients have included: Mark Hanuaer, Charles Imstepf, Robert Stevens, Gary McGuire, David Hanover, Peter Dokus, Nels Israelson and Ken Chernus, to name a few.

My resume highlights the skills I offer. I am computer literate on both PC and Mac platforms and have hands on experience with many applications across both operating systems. I enjoy the challenges that come with managing multiple projects simultaneously and take pride ensuring that projects come in on budget and are held to deadline.